A Hungarian Sister’s Journey Towards Islam

A Hungarian Sister's Journey Towards Islam

I grew up in an ordinary Hungarian family, and nobody was practicing any religion. We celebrated Christmas and Easter as a tradition, not as a religious event. My parents never gave me any religious education at home.  When I went to primary school, there was an extra activity after lessons about Christianity, and I joined the group. It was nice at the beginning, but after some time I got bored of it and quit. I thought I will never be religious because that was the only religion I ever knew. In Hungary, the Muslim population is very low, less than 1% of the population is Muslim. I heard about religion later on the TV, and it’s usually bad news, but I didn’t want to believe it.

When I was 15, I got my first smartphone, and I started using the internet.  I wanted to learn the English language because I was learning other languages at school. I wanted to find someone online who could teach me some English.  I randomly found a Nigerian boy who was studying in Hungary.  I thought maybe he could help me. We started to chat, and he seemed to be very kind. He helped me with English, and I helped him with Hungarian. I wanted to meet him in person, and I invited him to my parents’ house. Before we met, he texted me that he has to tell me something, he is a MUSLIM! I told him it’s not a problem for me, and I still want to meet him.  He was really surprised because in Hungary people are usually very racist and hate Muslims.

After he came, I got interested in his religion and asked him a lot of questions.  He got me some books about Islam, and I read them one by one. In 2016, I felt like I was lost, and if I become a Muslim, I will finally find my place.

I took my shahada with the Nigerian boy in 2016 March. He was the only Muslim I knew. He showed me how to pray and sent me videos of the Quran.  I learned everything by myself at home, in secret. I was really scared to tell my family because I know they don’t like Islam. I prayed in secret, read Quran in secret, fast during Ramadan in secret for 3 years.

Then I told my family I became a Muslim, they got upset and disappointed, only my 2 sisters supported me. After I graduated from high school, the Nigerian boy told me that he wants to marry me. Of course, I said yes! Last summer, we went to Nigeria to see his parents. They were kind and supportive. We got married and started our journey together.

It was not easy, and I’m still praying for my family to accept me. I want to say to the converted Muslims that they are not alone, and they should always be strong in faith.  And to the non-Muslims, please be open-minded and don’t judge us by stereotypes.

Source: Instagram @RevertToIslam

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Gulzar Assif
Gulzar Assif
2 years ago

Have Sacred journey…
With Best Wishes from
G Assif from Srinagar Kashmir

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