British Nurse Accepts Islam due to her Muslim Patients – Lena Abdu

Lena Abdu

Fiona Caroline James now Lena is an Englishwoman born into a family of four. Her father was a Navy officer, and her mother was a nurse.

As a little girl, Fiona and her family lived in Hampshire and were ruled by the Navy world. She and her sister attended schools in the Navy and life was peaceful then.
“Growing up in the UK was peaceful and I had lots of freedom, maybe more than the ones the present children have”. She said in an interview.
The Navy shaped their lives and guide them through making decisions. When she was a bit older, her father was transferred to Bermuda. There, she had a kind nanny who lived on an island, where Fiona began to take interest in swimming. By the time she could attend secondary school, her parents had moved back to the UK. Hence, Fiona attended an all-girls boarding school.

Watch the video for the full story..

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