Famous Doctor in Belgium has accepted Islam [Fact Check]

A photo has been shared thousands of times on a few popular Muslim Facebook pages alongside a claim it shows a female doctor from Belgium has recently become a Muslim.. The claim is false; the misleading posts have used a photo from the popular stock image website gettyimages. The image says: GROZNY, RUSSIA – NOVEMBER 13, 2016: A young woman wearing hijab. 

Below is a screenshot of the misleading posts:

The caption states:
The honorable sister Dr. Solina, one of the most famous doctors in Belgium, has recently become Muslim. I pray for her to be steadfast, Ma sha Allah Allahu Akbar

This is the Gettyimages stock image published on NOVEMBER 13, 2016. 

Screenshot of the original image:

Every year thousands of people, including professional and celebrities accept Islam. We don’t need fake stories to make Islam relevant.
May Allah help us all to differentiate the truth from the falsehood.

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محمد ماجد
محمد ماجد
6 days ago

wow saw this story a few days back, I thought it should be fake lol

6 days ago

thanks a lot for the info

Muhammad-Deeni Usman
Muhammad-Deeni Usman
6 days ago

Such fakenews do more harm than good. It’s better to speak the truth or remain silent.

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