From a Christian Pastor’s Son to discovering Islam

I was born and raised in a Christian family, my mother was a beautiful singer and my father was the pastor of our church.

From a very young age I’ve been taught about the prophets; from Abraham and his sons to Noah and his ship, and Moses with his remarkable courage that got his people to safety.

As I met my mid-teens I was met with a burning desire to follow in my father’s footsteps and to become a religious leader myself to guide my community. So I dedicated myself to this cause and soon found a platform upon which I could teach and share this passion that I have of God and what I had then believed the untainted revelation at the time.

During this time, my mom started reading the Quran because she wanted to write an article regarding Hajj.
She approached a gentleman from a Muslim background to help her with that, but what then happened was that the gentleman was going to Hajj with his family so she took it upon herself to write this article and she started studying Islam thoroughly.

Soon she found the purity and the beauty within Islam. Being from a Christian background and still having my youth groups every Friday with our praise and worship, I would often turn up the volume a little bit more to try and call her back to Christianity.

After a while, I realized that I need to re-evaluate who I want to be in life and decided to work abroad as a photographer and also a little bit in marketing and sales.

At the airport, my mom held me in a close embracing hug and she prayed a prayer to me from this new god named Allah; she asked Allah to send a very big angel with me to guide me and to protect me upon my journey.

I left for my flight and landed in Australia. Once I opened my bag, I soon discovered that my mom had left me with more than just the prayer, she left me with a copy of the Quran. And on the very first page of this book she wrote a little note that said: “If you want to understand where Muslims come from and if you want to debate against, you need to read their revelation and need to understand what they believe and what their history is.

So with the love that I have for my mom, I dedicated myself to reading at least one page a day. One page soon turned into two and two into three and eventually I completed the Quran from cover to cover.

Now this is where my spiritual battle began, my mind and soul torn, I felt betrayed by my religious leaders for not educating me based on what Muslim’s truly believe and what is within their revelation that they believe in; the one and only true God and that Jesus Christ has also projected within this revelation.
I felt like I did not really know God but at the same time, I knew that He was right there beside me.

Having discovered this that there’s only one true God and that this God is unseen from within both the Torah in the Gospels and in the Quran, I traveled back home having completed my Shahada that there is only one true God and Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger.

Something that really resonated with me was the ability to make ablution and the ability to make complete prostration to God and to put my forehead to the ground as all the prophets before have done. When you look in the Bible, Moses and Aaron had to wash their hands and their feet before they made prayers and they put their foreheads onto the ground to pray to God.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you might be a president, you might be a CEO or you might be a very famous actor. It doesn’t matter who you are but in that position, you are completely in an utmost surrender and you are completely removed from everything of this world because it is just you and the creator at this point in time.

It is fundamentally important for us as individuals wanting to make a connection with our Creator to realize that it is our responsibility to seek the truth as Jesus Christ peace be upon him says in the Gospel:

“And you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.”

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Chris deck
Chris deck
2 years ago

True Christians don’t leave Jesus, you may be a fake one.

Reply to  Chris deck
2 years ago

True Christians get brainwashed everyday by their corrupt Bible where Jesus in red letter never claimed to be himself God. John and Paul turned Christianity into polytheism by slowly increasing Jesus’s divinity. Mark and Peter never did that. Why it is so difficult to find one true clear sentence by Jesus saying “I am God”. Jesus even denied claiming God when he was being belted ugly BY the Jews. Jesus was scared to death. Wow that is God isn’t it. Sorry part is that these smart commentary comes from smart Christians who never reads their 100 versions of Bible and… Read more »

Reply to  Chris deck
2 years ago

So many Christians are becoming Muslims because it makes sense. If you read in his piece, he said he was disappointed that his fellow people in church lied to him about Islam. You may also have been lied to. Jesus pbuh said that there will be a messenger that will come after me. Read thru the lines. Ponder and think, God gave you a mind to reason. Use it!!

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