Islamophobia is Real

As I look into this classroom called earth, I often find myself wondering why is it that this child named ‘Islam’ is always picked on by the other students. Why do all the students laugh at him for no reason, why do they mock him, and most of all, why do they always point to him when the teacher asks “Who’s responsible?”.

I initially blamed these actions on hatred but I found my mind working once again when I realized that this student does not possess anything that calls for hatred. He seems to be a pleasant student. Punctual with his lessons, ever obedient to the teacher and homework always done whilst some students haven’t the slightest idea of what’s the lesson about yet they seem to always get away with the help of a few other learners.

In order to get a better view, I took a few steps back as I gazed through the window. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked at the bigger picture. Amazingly, five students that sat in that same class looked and behaved exactly like the intelligent yet modest ‘Islam’. As if though the bigger picture showed me that despite the mockery and insults, certain students were drawn to this student who once sat all alone in the corner. As time passed, his lifestyle became an attraction to those around him.

Just as I looked at my watch to see how long left for the next period, it all opened up to me. Pure hatred was not to blame for this boy’s oppression but rather fear that gripped the hearts of the other kids. They could not bear the thought of the entire class following the footsteps of those five learners and adopting ‘Islam’s lifestyle. They would be no fights in class, boys wouldn’t be able to irritate the girls and pocketing another kid’s lunch money would be unheard off. To them, the life of ‘Islam’ would be too peaceful. Each student will have to work for his results. No shortcuts and definitely no bullying the softer students to do your homework.

With the little time I had before my homework was due, I rushed through the events that occurred in the past, the times when the other learners would blame or insult ‘Islam’. I now looked at every event from a different angle.

Islamophobia is Real
Niqab Protest

The rich kid, ‘Belgium’, who recently chanted his new ‘Burqa bounty’, apparently comes from a community that is heading towards the lifestyle of ‘Islam’. It was some notice on the school’s notice board rewarding a student with 250 Euros ($310) for pointing out any female who veils herself and adopts the lifestyle of ‘Islam’.  Now get this…almost 35 percent of the Turks and Moroccans, the largest Muslim groups in Belgium, are below 18 years old, compared to 18 percent of the native Belgians. As a result of the age and spatial distribution, very high proportions of the youth in certain areas are following ‘Islam’. One quarter in Belgium’s capital (Brussels) under the age of 20 are of ‘Muslim origin’, and in 2002 in the region of Brussels the most popular names given to babies were Mohammed and Sarah.

My gaze then fell upon ‘France’, the boy responsible for hurting his classmate ‘Islam’ by drawing ridiculous cartoons of ‘Islam’s Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and publishing it in the schools newsletter. What he won’t tell the school kids is that his classmate, ‘Islam’, has gained quite a bit of popularity in his community. Not only is ‘Islam’s lifestyle growing the fastest in his community from the whole class but ‘Islam’ is the second most popular lifestyle back home. Only 22 from millions are picked for an international football team and quite a few in the French team are now following ‘Islam’. That should give you an idea of what’s happening in his community.

I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as my gaze fell upon the class captain. The boy every student feared. The boy that used other boys to get what he wants. They call him US but he goes as ‘America’ on the class register. Now this boy can be very friendly in front of you but wicked behind your back. He is the enemy of any student that befriends ‘Islam’. I caught him twice putting his hands in ‘Iran’s bag trying to steal his lunch and oil bottle.  ‘Iran’, along with the Stan brothers ‘Paki – Stan’ and ‘Afghani – Stan’ and the ever so humble ‘Somalia’, are just some of the kids in the school that loves ‘Islam’s lifestyle. Anyways, among the abundant acts of mockery and insults that ‘US’ might be responsible for, he recently created a video insulting ‘Islam’s Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that the number of people in his locality attending  Mosques increased by 300% from 1994 to 2000. He must be kicking himself after realizing that since he blamed  ‘Islam’ for the famous 9/11 attacks, conversion rates has quadrupled in his community. People like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Ice Cube, Shaquille O’Neal and Malcolm X have all loved and adopted the lifestyle that ‘Islam’ has shown.

All this time I wondered why do they hate ‘Islam’. I never realized that they actually fear him. A fear that one day the lifestyle that ‘Islam’ has shown will take over their communities and their school.  A fear that one day they will sit all alone in the back of the class while the rest sits and enjoys with ‘Islam’. According to stats, by the time ‘Islam’s kids enter this school, their fear will be a reality.

My advice to all those students that are following ‘Islam’ would be to keep on following him and portray his qualities to the other kids rather than start a fight. Remember, those few in the class followed him due to his character, not his mockery or insults.

I’m currently looking at ‘Denmark’, ‘Netherlands’ and ‘Israel’ but the bell has rung. Let’s leave it for another time.

Note: When countries are mentioned in the above article, reference is not made to the entire county but rather to the role players only. Every county has millions of good, understanding people, Muslim or non-Muslim. So e.g. when “America’ is mentioned, it does not refer to every citizen of America, it only refers to those who plan and plot to destroy Islam.

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Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
10 months ago

White-middle-class-male-aphobia is real deadly and spreading around the world. 😉

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