Priest of 30 Years Accepts ISLAM – Leif Skjetne

Priest of 30 Years Accepts ISLAM - Leif Skjetne

Today, we are bringing you one-of-a-kind revert story. We are referring to the story of none other than Leif Skjetne, a 30-year long priest of Swedish Church whose story of conversion to Islam has recently surfaced.
So, basically, Leif Skjetne, a 77 years old priest, who served as a priest for 30 years in Swedish City Jonkoping has become a Muslim. However, there is a bit of a twist here.
There has recently been a documentary release about Leif Skjetne’s journey that reveals that the 77-years old priest had already converted in the year 2017. Which came as a surprise, not only to the general public but the church staff as well – given that a priest had become a Muslim, long before he left the Church of Sweden.
One of his friends, Par Aj Persson, was present at the press screening of the documentary. He says, “I still have a hard time understanding how Leif could convert. He was in the church for 30 years. But, we are still just as good friends.”
Leif Skjetne grew up in Oslo, Norway. He moved to Smedjebacken in 1984 where he worked as a priest in Norrbarke Parish until 1986. Moving forward, he came to work in Skillingaryd’s pastorate where he was mainly a minister in Aker and Hangshult.
Later on, Skjetne worked a lot in Hanger-Dannas as a priest on pension. During his time as a priest in the Church of Sweden, Skjetne had a chance to work with refugees and their issues.
One of those refugees was a Muslim man named Abdullah. Skjetne got a chance to live with him and they eventually became good friends.
“He calls me his dad, his biological father is dead. We lived together for a year and half.” Said Skjetne.
During his time with Abdullah, Skjetne got the chance to study Islam closely. Abdullah was a devoted Muslim and he prayed five times a day, coupled with rest of the duties that came with Islam.
This gave way for the 77-year old, ex priest, then 74-year old, to study the teachings of Islam.
“Christianity and Islam have a lot in common, starting from the same God. The only strong dividing lines are Jesus and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). However, Islam does contain all the teachings of Christianity.”
In recent decades, there have been many flared up incidents due to extremist movements and so. Muslim households throughout the world have been at the receiving end of unpleasant behavior.
He got a chance to live with the Moroccan refugee, Abdullah, because apparently, Abdullah was not a fan of refugee housing. However, after living with him for a year and half, there were several expulsion decisions.
“I was not surprised when they finally expelled him.” Said Leif Skjetne.
It is reported that it was in the Autumn of 2017 when Leif Skjetne accepted Islam – while he was living with Abdullah. He changed his name to Ahmed Skjetne.
Moving forward, Ahmed made a major decision, moved to Morocco and started living as a pensioner.
“Many people have converted to Islam. However, I may be the first priest in Scandinavia to have gone that route.” Says Ahmed Skjetne.
After his conversion became public, many people from the Church’s management were sent for him. But, when a priest that old makes a decision to convert, you can only believe that it’s a well-thought decision.
“The only change is the language here. Arabic is difficult and I don’t know much. The climate is good with around 35 degrees.” He said.
“I go to the mosque occasionally because it has been difficult due to the ongoing pandemic situation.” Ahmed added.
The documentary that came out about his conversion his named as “The Confession”. It became possible when two people, Tomas Bilderman and Alex Bolevin followed Ahmed for a year. The documentary has already had a significant impact.
Ahmed Skjetne did not make an announcement because of his past. He did serve as a priest for a major part of his adult life.
“A decision like this had the potential of affecting many people in my surroundings. I didn’t want that to happen.” Said Skjetne.
He accepted Islam, moved to Morocco, and starting living as a retired priest on pension. Mr. Ahmed Skjetne currently resides in Fez, Morocco with the Moroccan refugee, Abdullah.
Stories like this Ahmed Skjetne’s are a direct voucher from Allah. When the creator above wills, everything else becomes irrelevant. We have nothing but best wishes and prayers for Ahmed Skjetne. May Allah continue guide us all. Ameen.

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