Pro Boxer Devin Haney Accepts Islam

Devin Haney Accepts Islam

Recently, you may have seen a viral photo on social media of a boxer praying with his father before his fight.. it made many people wonder who he is, so we dug a little bit about him and found out that he is a recent convert to Islam.

So Devin haney as a child loved playing sports and always participated in as many of them as he could. Little 7 year old Devin started boxing and fell straight into it! From winning seven National titles and becoming the youngest boxer at 17 to winning the Youth World Championships at Reno, Nevada to holding the WBC (World Boxing Council) lightweight title since 2019 and securing fourth position as the world’s best active lightweight as of June 2021, little Devin has come a long way!

That is not all, the professional boxing champion has yet to lose a professional match. He has a win streak of 27 to 0 losses and it has earned him fame amongst the division’s most well-known figures. Devin Haney has become a viral sensation in the boxing world and today, he is nicknamed as The Dream!

What if we told you the great, undefeated world boxing champion is a recent Muslim? It is true! Devin Haney converted to Islam in April of 2021 and safe to say, it has left the world confused and in awe of the 23 year old boxer!

In a twitter statement published on 23rd May 2021, Devin Haney says, “Thank you GOD (Allah) Alhamdulillah” praising the Almighty for his countless blessings upon us. MashaAllah. Though some fans seemed upset with his declaration with one going as far as to ask ‘what for? COVID, cancer, drought, famine?!’ Many have shown their support and in fact, most fans from the rivalry also sent in their well wishes!

Devin Haney, according to reports, had always believed in God’s existence. He was not an atheist and some believe he may have been a Christian. Today, his father Bill Haney and his little brother are also Muslim which was also the final push the professional boxer needed to say his Shahada.

The Dream, Devin Haney, has continued to post statements praising the Almighty Allah and also uploaded a photo of him and his father praying which went absolutely viral and we hope it brings the Islamic world good tidings and well wishes.

Allah says in Surah Baqarah, “Who believe in the unseen, and are steadfast in Salah (prayer), and spend out of what We have provided them; and who believe in what has been revealed to you and what has been revealed before you; and they have faith in the Hereafter. It is these who are guided by their Lord; and it is just these who are successful.”

These few ayahs beautifully encompass recent news where now Muslim, Devin Haney was all set to fight against Joseph Diaz and either keep or lose his lightweight full world title on 4th of December, 2021. The fight ensued, many held their breath and many prayed but all Devin Haney wanted to do was praise the Almighty above and hope for the best. And then The Dream, the ultimate champion won with all votes in favour!

Devin Haney is now practising to box against unified champion George Kambosos Jr. and win all four major world titles in the lightweight division. The Dream says, “Let’s do it for all the belts. The real undisputed.” He has continued to declare praises to Allah in tweets setting his conversion to Islam in stone and allowing his well wishers to continue to support him. Devin Haney believes he has no time to pay heed to the haters and does not even let them be the last thing on his mind.

If you are a regular in sports and consistently muster up will to be in good shape, we send you good tidings. Prophet Muhammad PBUH praised good health as it helps strong believers perform acts of worship or strive for Islam. Our Rasool PBUH even regarded one’s strength as more important than money saying, “There is nothing wrong with riches for one who fears Allah, but good health is better for one who fears Allah than riches, and being in good spirits is a blessing.” Subhanallah, who knew sports had so much religious benefit! May Allah grant us all good health.

Devin Haney’s story is one of courage, unwavering belief in Allah and how countless gratitude can change someone’s life. As Muslims, we should all strive to praise Allah as much as we can and have tawakkul that everything will settle for the good.

May Allah make Devin Haney steadfast in his religion and allow him to honour Islam globally through his voice, fandom and influence. We praise Allah for granting The Dream hidayah and pray that he, his father and his little brother are granted countless blessings from the treasures of Jannah. Ameen.

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