The real reason Sinead O’Connor accepted Islam

I’ve been Muslim my whole life and didn’t even know it.’ Don’t freak out, but Yes, you’ve read exactly the same as written. The 52 years Irish pop singer, Sinead O’Connor, expressed her feeling and gave that statement in October 2018 and takes the name, Shuhada Sadaqat. Not only by taking the Muslim name but also started wearing the Muslim traditional dress Hijab.

The new Muslim singer was born on 8th December in County Dublin, Ireland. She is the third of five children. Her childhood was not like a cream pie. In her youth, she was staying with her parents, Sean O’Connor, who was a structural Engineer, later on, became a barrister and president of Divorce Action Group and mother Marie O’Connor. In 1979 she started living with her father and his new wife after leaving her mother.

Unfortunately, O’Connor was being placed in a Magdalene Asylum for eighteen months long at the age of fifteen. She thrived there and found the improvement of her writing as well as singing credibility, although she chafed under the imposed conformity there. In June 1993, she wrote a public letter to the newspaper, ‘The Irish Times’ asked people to “stop hurting” her and quoted, “If only I can fight off the voices of my parents and gather a sense of self-esteem. Then I’ll be able to really sing, ” Sinead also mentioned that “Our family is very messed up. We can’t communicate with each other. We are all in agony. I, for one, am in agony.” Later on, her brother Joseph defended their father publicly but agreed to her mother’s extreme and violent abuse, both physical and emotional.

The Irish singer has started her singing career in the earlier ’80s and achieved worldwide fame in 1990s after the releasing her album Prince. O’Connor’s debut album The Lion and the Cobra was a phenomenal album when it was released in 1978 and achieved Gold Record status alongside she earned a Best Female Rock Vocal Performance Grammy nomination. O’Connor mentioned the name Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bob Marley, The Pretenders as the artists who always influenced her on her very first album. Later on, In 1989 O’Connor joined The frontman Matt Johnson as a guest vocalist. Till date, O’Connor received several awards including a ‘The Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.’

Sinead O’Connor has occasionally encountered controversy being the mainstream singer so far. One of the exciting facts about O’Connor is, she has a roman catholic background, and she was appointed as a priest in 1999 in Lourdes Paris. Previously the Catholic church did not allow women to become priests not even recognize the ceremony. In spite of that, she has finally decided to be a Muslim and gave that remarkable statement and accept Islam. On Twitter, she has announced a public statement saying that “Studying all scriptures leads her to Islam and makes all other scriptures redundant.” She believes, in her whole life, she was a Muslim, but she didn’t even know that.

Moreover, she feels peace and serenity after submitting her wills to God. She has posted an image of her wearing her first Hijab on Twitter and thanked all Muslim brothers and sisters for their support, warmth love, and, welcoming to her in Muslim Ummah. In an interview, she also quoted “I was growing up in a country which is very oppressed religiously.” She also added, “Everybody was miserable, and nobody was getting any joy in God. At an early age, I started reading different religious scriptures for finding the ultimate truth about God.” Furthermore, she quoted “I never thought I would join in religion, and I left Islam last because I had so much prejudice about Islam like many people.” As soon as she read the second chapter of the Holy Quran, she thought she was a Muslim since born without knowing.

Islam is a way of thinking. A Muslim is a person who believes that nothing in this universe should be worshiped except God. Let it be ended up by mentioning another quote of O’Connor, “In Islam, you don’t call it conversion. You call it reversion. The idea is you were born Muslim in the first place, any person with any logic would see they were Muslim all along. So that’s what happened to me.”

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Muhammad Kiyari
2 years ago


2 years ago

Interesting, many converts (reverts) have more or less expressed the same views and feelings, they all had their prejudices and the minute they discovered Islam’s doctrine / teachings it immediately resonated with their inner-selves, it made perfect sense, they felt this easiness, as if a heavy burden was lifted off their shoulders, they found serenity, some couldn’t cope with so many emotions at first so it took them sometime to come to terms with it, because Islam cleanses you, and everything you were will change, it perfects your character, it brings out the best in you, so people rediscover the… Read more »

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