When the Muslims Defeated the Chinese || Battle of Talas


There have been battles that changed history as we know it and then there are battles like the Battle of Talas that changed the future! Let us learn all about the empires that started it, the stories behind the victories, betrayal and defeat and the treasures they have left behind for all of mankind.

In the year 618 AD, the Tang dynasty came into power in China. It was headed by Emperor Gaozu who led the imperial dynasty into high points of Chinese civilization. Under his leadership, the Tang Dynasty began expanding towards the West and as a result, the Chinese cities became an international hub of culture where art, academics, religious centers and cultural exchange flourished – no wonder, the Tang Dynasty is considered as the golden age of cosmopolitan culture!

In the Islamic world, the Umayyad Caliphate ruled from 661 AD to 680 AD under the leadership of Marwan I who defeated both the Eastern Roman Empire and the Sassanid Empires. He managed to establish a vast empire and took control over the majority of the territories from Spain to Central Asia, also from Arabia to the Caucasus.

Watch the video for the full story….

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