YouTuber Embraces Islam after a 2 Year Research

Today, we are bringing you another convert story of a YouTuber that goes by the name of Lwazi Sbu Lalendle.
Lwazi Sbu has two YouTube channels, and has been known for making reaction videos for 3 years.

YouTuber Embraces Islam

Lwazi Sbu Lalendle was born in South Africa and is currently living in South Korea. One of his YouTube channels is filled with his reactions to different music videos and songs. While the other channel that Lwazi Sbu Lalendle started only two years ago, is filled with him filming his reactions to various videos about Islam. Lalendle has not made it clear as to why did he choose to have a separate YouTube channel for his reaction videos to Islam as of yet.
However, we would like to believe that he chose to do this out of his seriousness about the topic of religion – you’d believe the same if you saw a couple of this young man’s videos.
Long story short, Lwazi Sbu recently posted a video of him on September 1 where this young man was seen taking the Shahadah. It came as a surprise to most of his subscribers because nowhere did Lwazi mention his seriousness regarding the matter of Islam.
He did have a series of videos on YouTube where Lwazi was seen reacting to videos from Dr. Zakir Naik, Mufti Ismail Menk, and more. However, he had never revealed his intent of conversion or extent of seriousness about Islam to the public prior to this.
“It has been over two years since I’ve been watching and reacting to videos about Islam. I found peace, logic, and joy everything I watched those videos. I’ve realized that Islam is the religion of humanity and peace.” Lwazi Sbu Lalendle said.
“I have taken a decision based on my own conclusion. When I started making videos on YouTube, especially the ones about Islam. People came to my channel and started telling me to convert to Islam and how it is the right religion. That did not make sense to me back then.” Lalendle in one of his most recent videos.
Lalendle has yet to a complete life story video about how he inclined towards Islam – or what exactly led him towards this decision. He has not revealed much of his life story either, so there is not much to share from that area.
However, in the video uploaded on September 01, 2020 – Lwazi can be seen along with two other Muslim brothers, headed somewhere. After about an hour, they reached the Ansan Masjid & Islamic Centre in Seoul. The brothers he was accompanied by took him to the administration and Lwazi briefly went through the Shahadah guidelines.
“I’ve been looking into Islam for two years. Recently, I had a feeling that it’s time to convert.” He said while talking to the superior at the Ansan Masjid & Islamic Centre.
“If you want to know about swimming, you get in the water and try to swim. You don’t just watch swimming videos or read about it. I realized that I want to experience Islam while being a Muslim. I want to be surrounded by a Muslim community and know what is it like to be a part of one.” Lwazi added.
Lalendle then followed the man’s recitation of Shahadah – The Islamic Declaration Of Faith and read its meaning in English out loud. After the recitation, the brothers congratulated Lwazi Sbu Lalendle on becoming a Muslim, and Ansan Masjid & Islamic Centre gifted him a pack of dates.
When he came out of the mosque, he had a wide and genuine smile on his face. Lwazi told his viewers to note his smile. “It’s genuine, it’s coming from within.” He said.
Two days ago, Lwazi also had to upload another video that was titled “Can You Trust Me? Daud Kim??”
The video was aimed at people who were targeting Lwazi to have had inclined towards Islam just so he could gain fame on YouTube and social media.
“When I started uploading reaction videos about Islam. Many people used to comment things like, you should accept Islam. It will also help you get more followers. But, I didn’t do it because I didn’t feel it. The people who watch YouTubers, treat us as idols. They don’t think that we can make mistakes. But we are just as prone to mistake as the general public. It’s just that our mistakes get recorded and we don’t even know it until it happens. It’s a dangerous thing. However, I don’t claim to be perfect but I’ve been looking into Islam for two years and I’m very happy to be a part of religion that I’m in right now. I accepted Islam because I knew it was the right thing to do.”
Lastly, we wish only the best for Lwazi Sbu Lalendle. May Allah provide us with the wisdom to be real and away from hypocrisy for good. May we all continue to become better humans and even better Muslims. Ameen.

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